2018 – Looking Ahead

This is my first post since 2017. A mixture of procrastination, lack of motivation, and the harsh British winter has meant the last approaches i did were at the start of January in London over the weekend of the Tom Torero Hustle On premiere. I have been seeing a Romanian lead from last year, but we’re 4 dates in and haven’t fucked yet, so need to get back to that abundance mentality.

The big two goals that I didn’t achieve last year were – 1. Move to a bigger city, preferably London and 2.Start a side hustle/Quit or move to part time hours at work.  There are no excuses this year, I have to make these two goals happen. I only have to look at some of my office robot workmates for motivation. Many of the them are jaded, small minded, far too comfortable and have trapped themselves in the treadmill of a dreary 9-5 existence in a second tier northern British city, with only beer and football on a Saturday and Sunday to numb them. Not for me. I refuse to be dragged down to their level.

2018 will be about sacrifice, grit and determination. As I get older I get a growing, but healthy sense of my own mortality, and that the time is always NOW. I’m only going to spend my social time with close friends, family, and people who are on the same path as me and can inspire. Anyone who questions what I’m doing or brings negativity into my life can go and fuck themselves.

I’m going to immerse myself in my photography, still inspired by Goldmund.  I’m doing this for the love of it, but with a view to doing it professionally at some point also. I’m also going to start a guitar tuition business, whether that be online or in person, I’ve been playing since I was 15 to a good standard, so have the skills to monetize this.  I’m going to look into offering some free/small value exchange daygame coaching.

More short term, I need to start looking for jobs in London. Something in my current industry would be my preference, so I can secure a decent salary and not expend too much effort learning a new sector therefore putting the rest of my energy into game and business. I’ll also supplement my income by renting my apartment out via a letting agent.

Travel is not really a priority this year, due to all of the above, but I do aim to fit a week or two in Eastern Europe or Spain.

I’m going to keep myself accountable by posting regualrly (at least once a week) on here, and keeping a journal, so keep your eyes peeled.




Self Reflection in NYC


So, I’m back from a week long trip to New York City, which was amazing, but not for the reasons I expected. My aim before the trip was to game as much as possible, take massive action in the most anonymous city on the planet, but it actually turned out to be more of a self reflective ‘soul search’, which proved to be quite fruitful. I had a couple of long, honest conversations with Miss Oneitis, and got some honest feedback from her, which has given me a new perspective on myself.  Here’s what I’ve learned –

  1. Be more vulnerable – I know this is going against the advice of most of the daygame ‘masters’, but I really couldn’t give a fuck. Being open and honest with a girl about my emotions, flaws, and what I want from her is something I’ve struggled with, but is the single most important way to build a unique connection and intimacy with her. Obviously it’s best not to overdo it, but don’t be the emotionless, stoic badboy – That’s a lonely path in the long run, and you are missing out on so much.DSC_0241-002
  2. Be Present – Be switched on, communicate authentically, have a genuine interest in the girl. I’m at the point now where the London daygame model has become so repetitive – I’m using it as a very very loose structure and I’m starting to be more spontaneous and putting my own individual stamp on things, which is what everyone should be doing after a couple of years in game.
  3. I need a creative pursuit – I’ve discovered the joys of photography through the excellent Goldmund Unleashed and his camera game book , and its given me a new lease of life, the same feeling i had years ago when i first picked up a guitar. It’s a great way to engage with the world and girls love it. I’m going to keep learning and I think it’s something I’d love to do professionally in the future. Most girls love creative guys, it sets you apart from the chode masses and gives you a depth of character that they can’t resist.DSC_0272-001
  4. Play to your strengths – Like most people who get into pickup, I’m naturally introverted. I used to hate this about myself, and would try to ‘force’ myself to be an extrovert. This never works, a girl will always find out who you really are. Instead, look at the positive sides of your personality. If you are introverted, accentuate your mystery, intrigue and independence.  Don’t waste your time trying be someone your aren’t, people see straight through it.DSC_0335
  5. Enjoy your fucking life – Things could be so much worse. You could have been born into a lifetime of poverty in Ethiopia. you could have born with incurable blindness. You don’t live in medieval London or ISIS controlled Raqqa. We live in an incredible time. I have my own apartment in a clean western city, I have a job, I can buy a flight to anywhere in the world whenever I please. I have access to all the food I could ever possibly want. I can go out and talk to a beautiful girl within ten minutes of leaving my flat. LIFE IS GOOD!


English Blonde ..


Date 1  – English Blonde Law student, 20.

Let me just start by saying this girl is the hottest girl I’ve ever been on a date with, certainly the hottest I’ve managed to get on a date through daygame. A high 8 to 9, petite, long flowing, slightly curly blonde hair, cute smile, extremely feminine and fun, just the right amount of disarming nervousness, lovely perky tits and a perfectly proportioned ass. I’m taking this as a sign of my progress. Here she is –

Of course, her hotness was intimidating, and I found myself an hour before the date feeling extremely nervous, and for some reason I was expecting bitchy behavior and a barrage of shit tests, but she was actually extremely charming and friendly, and herself admitting to be being nervous. the date started quite well, plenty of touching, her leaning in and playing with her hair, but quickly went downhill into comfort. She was just hotter than all the girls I’ve dated before and it showed. The date fizzled out and we went our separate ways. I texted her the next day but she said she was still getting over her ex and didn’t want to date right now.

2017 Goals

Slightly later than expected for this post, the biting cold English winter and a return of oneitis for the Polish girl has caused my motivation levels to dip the last few weeks. However, I’m back out approaching again, and have a date lined up tomorrow with a petite English blond, so things are looking up. My goals this year are as follows –

  • Hit the 1000 approaches mark –  I’m at around 800 (4 lays, countless dates to nowhere) currently, so hope this have this smashed well before spring arrives.
  • At least 3 Euro Jaunts/Daygame trips abroad – I’m intermediate now, so more than ready for this. I aim to visit Warsaw, Budapest, Berlin and maybe New York this year, with a couple of London trips thrown in for good measure. I may also get some coaching at some point. Get in touch if you’re interesting in winging.
  • Start a side hustle and go part time/quit work – This will be a huge challenge for me as I don’t currently have any tangible skills that I could monetize. I have already started learning photography and web design skills, and will be taking courses in both. I aim to throw myself into as many new things as possible, and do as much research as I can on passive income streams. The blue pill 9-5 world has really become a drain on my energy over the last year.
  • Move to a  bigger city – I currently live in a city with a population of around 300,000. It’s entirely possible to learn daygame here, and i don’t believe in using population size as an excuse, but obviously the size of the place restricts what you can do and the spotlight effect is more pronounced.  I aim to rent  my flat out to earn some passive income, and move to either London, Manchester, Glasgow or Edinburgh. I need to save as much as possible over winter to ensure I have a few months income saved up as a buffer.

That’s probably enough to be getting on with for now, don’t want to be bite off more than I can chew.

Bulgarian SDL

This is the post excerpt.

Those of you who read my now defunct previous blog northern daygame (all 2 of you), will have noted that I celebrated my first ever same day lay back in July with a 24 year old polish air hostess. A very sweet, spiritual girl, with a natural beauty and femininity, but also a healthy appetite for porn, strippers, and strong continental beer. We stayed in touch, and I played the long game, which eventually resulted in us spending 5 gloriously debauched days in Lisbon together in September. For that whole period, my hunger for new leads and approaching gradually faded, and I inevitably slipped into neediness. Until November …

Picture the scene, it’s early evening on a cold Sunday in November. The streets are awash with Christmas shoppers, the lights are up,  and the outdoor markets have started, meaning the festive season is well and truly underway. The smell of mulled wine is in the air and people are laughing and full of joy. Optimal conditions to conjure up some daygame magic one might think. Not quite. I am 9 approaches in and it’s the usual shit. bf, in a rush, bf, blowout, bf etc etc. My wing suggests a break, so we start making our way to our usual watering hole for a pint. Then, out of the corner of my eye I see her walk past. Long black hair with tinges of red, dark Latin or Mediterranean looking skin, beautiful wide brown eyes and incredible full lips. She’s doing the classic ‘I’m new here’ slow, dreamy eyed amble, and I immediately clock the opportunity. I walk up to her from the side trying to keep the relaxed vibe. I find out she is Bulgarian and tell her she looks pretty, and despite her limited English, she starts giggling and her eyes widen even further. We talk a little more and i discover she is some sort of babysitter for a rich family, and is here for two weeks. I sense that there may be limited opportunity for a day 2, and she tells me that this is her only day off, so I decide to go for it. I suggest going for a quick drink but she doesn’t understand, so I decide just to take full control and just start walking to the bar and put my hand on her back to suggest she follows, which she does reluctantly. We walk a few steps, but she stops, and I can sense her nervousness. I whip out my phone, open google translate, and write that we are going for one quick drink and that she is safe with me. She still looks unsure but agrees and we make our way to the bar.

On the way, I build a lot of comfort and tell her about my family and show her pictures of my new baby niece. She loves the pics and begins to open up. She tells me she is 20 years old, and tells me about her family back in Bulgaria and how she misses them. We reach the bar and she asks for a sweet Martini and I point to the secluded empty booth table and tell her I’ll bring the drinks over. I launch into my usual date game, and make sure there is plenty of light kino when we play the questions game. She is very giggly and feminine and I try to stay aloof by going silent and looking around the room now and then. I put my feet next to hers so they are touching and tell her she looks like a tap dancer with her shiny shoes, more giggles, then she uncrosses her arms and gradually begins to open her body towards me. Her arm and hair brush against mine as she is telling me that the men in Bulgaria are all perverts! I sense it’s now or never and ask her if she’s a good kisser. More nervous giggles and she puts her hand over her mouth in fake shock and then says”Maybe ..” with a mischievous smile on her face. Green light. I give it another 20 seconds of silence to build up the tension and then go for the kiss. Zero resistance. I pull away and pick up the conversation as if nothing had happened but she is pulling me in again for another kiss. This goes on a for another 20 mins and then she tells me she has to be home for 8 pm (it’s 5 pm at this point) and that she doesn’t know when her next day off will be. Green light 2. We make our exit from the bar and I walk her to the bus stop. She doesn’t know which bus takes her home, so I tell her that shes coming on mine, grab her hand and lead her to the bus which has just arrived. She lets go of my hand just as we are about to step on board, has a frown on her face and looks hesitant. I tell her it’s just for 1 drink and to watch a movie but she says she’s not sure. I promise to give her a lift home afterwards (A promise I kept!), grab her hand again and pay her fare. She reluctantly agrees and I take her to the back of the bus. The kissing gets very hot and heavy on the bus on the way home, and I am rubbing her pussy through her jeans, she’s not resisting.

We get back to mine, I pour her a glass of red wine, and show her some guitar. She randomly starts singing in Bulgarian and it’s actually not bad, if only I knew what the fuck she was singing about! I put the guitar down, start kissing her, undo her jeans and start fingering her until she’s lightly moaning. I lead her to the bedroom for some more foreplay until eventually, we fuck hard and fast for about 10 minutes. She loves it, and we lie on the bed exhausted and in complete silence until she tells me she has to go and I give her a lift back, dropping her off round the corner so her host family don’t know what a bad girl she’s been … ! I love daygame.